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Financial Impacts

Financial Impacts

The global losses from natural catastrophes have been staggering, reaching a total of $280 billion as reported by MunichRe in 2023

Increasing Wildfire Incidents

Increasing Wildfire Incidents

Wildfire events are on the rise, and climate change and land management are significant contributing factors to this trend. According to UNEP, it is projected that by the year 2100, wildfires will increase by more than 50%. These events have severe consequences, including loss of life and property damage.

 Wildfire Damage

Wildfire Damage

The damage caused by wildfires in the United States in 2022 exceeded 3 million hectares, as reported by the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).

Europe has also been experiencing a significant increase in wildfire damage, with over 750,000 hectares being destroyed between January and September of 2022 alone. This destruction has resulted in the loss of valuable habitats and biodiversity, with 6.4 million metric tons of carbon being released into the atmosphere during the months of June and August of 2022 in the EU and UK, according to Copernicus in 2023.

Wildfire Fatalities

Wildfire Fatalities

According to recent reports, there have been over 611 fatalities in the European Union between 2000 and 2017 due to wildfires. In 2017, Portugal experienced 66 deaths due to a wildfire, while more than 95 lives were lost in Greece in 2018

TEAM & SFI - Defence Award


DecaMap (formerly CoPilotAI) team, comprises Military Pilots, Data Comms Engineers, Sensor Specialists, Computer Scientists, Drone Operators, Machine Learning Engineers, EO Scientists, Software Developers, Cloud Architects, and Data Modellers. The Team competed with 10 other research groups in the 2022 SFI-Dfence Organisation Innovation Challenge to win the €1million Award - based on developing disruptive solutions to address key Defence Organisation Challenges and is now in the pre-Commercial spool-up phase of the DecaMap Platform.


Automating complex information gathering & delivering NextGen decision support systems

The Team competed with 10 other research groups in the 2022SFI-Dfence Organisation Innovation Challengeto win the€1million Award-based around developing disruptive solutions to address key Defence Organisation Challenges and isnow in pre-Commercial spool-up phase of the DecaMap Platform.


Principal Researchers

Prof Tim McCarthy (TMcC)

Earth Observation, Drones & Geocomputation

Dr Stephanie Keogh (SK)

CoPilot Team Coordination

Prof John McDonald (JMcD)

AI, Robotics, Computer Vision & SLAM

Dr Charles Markham (CM)

Computing, Vision Systems, Modelling, Instrumentation

Prof Rowan Fealy (RF)

Climate Modelling, Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Dr John Dooley (JD)

Wireless Communications

Comdt. Jay O’Reilly

Defence Organization Liaison

Mohsen Nurisa

Geospatial Web Developer
CoPilot-AI FireGuard Exercise​ ​

Multi-agency exercise to test and assess CoPilot-AI Platform

Common Operational Picture WebApp

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Maynooth University,Maynooth,Co Kildare.Ireland.





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    Protecting Citizens, safeguarding Responders, minimising damage to property and environmental impacts.

    This material is based upon works supported by the Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. 21/FIP/DO/9945

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